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Check your typing speed, participate in our many contests, and try to beat the best typists throughout the world!

Participate in our many contests!

We offer two kinds of contests:

- Permanent contests, which are permanently present on our website:

- The championship, annual contest in which a new text is put forward each month:

Do you find it boring to type always the same things? Do you like challenge? If so, you'll like our championship!

The rule is simple: a new text every month! The text is proposed and voted by the community. Then you have a few days to practice and to send us your best score.

Maybe you are the winner of the next championnat!

How can I participate in your contests?

  1. Register on the site. It's as a matter of course free, and it will take only one minute.

  2. Download our little program, unzip it and follow the instructions. Works only with Windows 2000 or later.

  3. Let's have fun!

What can I win?

There's nothing to win. Typing Zone is only for fun ;-)

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